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Weekly advice on family, children, and

more from Hollywoods favorite Nanny.

Being a parent is not for the faint of heart. It’s one of the most challenging steps of your life. Just Be The Parent w/NC™ will become your go to resource for being inspired and immersed in a community that supports you no matter what your family looks like!


My children were clinging to me, pulling on my shirt, whining and crying because I wouldn’t pick them up, while I fought a frying pan full of bacon. I clenched my jaw, tightened my grip on the spatula, and with every tense muscle in my body I thought, “This wasn’t my plan.


I didn’t want to be a father. All through my 20s, girlfriends had broken up with me because I swore I would never have kids. When I got engaged to my wife I said, “I definitely do not want to have kids.” I felt kids would drain my creativity. I felt they would put a leash on my freedom.


The Shops @ Nanny Connie has everything you never knew you needed to make your life as a parent so much easier and solves your daily parenting issues. Welcome to your new One-Stop-Shop.

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