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Weekly advice on family, children, and

more from Hollywoods favorite Nanny.

Being a parent is not for the faint of heart. It’s one of the most challenging steps of your life. Village x NC™ will become your go to resource for being inspired and immersed in a community that supports you no matter what your family looks like!

Linda Bates

My children were clinging to me, pulling on my shirt, whining and crying because I wouldn’t pick them up, while I fought a frying pan full of bacon. I clenched my jaw, tightened my grip on the spatula, and with every tense muscle in my body I thought, “This wasn’t my plan.

johan aldermann

I didn’t want to be a father. All through my 20s, girlfriends had broken up with me because I swore I would never have kids. When I got engaged to my wife I said, “I definitely do not want to have kids.” I felt kids would drain my creativity. I felt they would put a leash on my freedom.

aldo gutenberg

Did you know there are others like us? There are fellow parents in the world who are wiping noses and crunching Cheerios with their bare feet who never envisioned their life turning out this way. We are the caretakers who struggle every day with thoughts and stresses nobody wants to talk about.


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