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Take Flight

Take Flight

Some of the best family memories are made while traveling. Some of the biggest family headaches occur during traveling too! If you’re planning on traveling by plane be prepared to buy an extra seat. Your child needs their own space even for a 2 or 3-hour plane ride. They need to be able to stretch out and have their own contained area. The seats barely have enough comfort (I use that word lightly) space for you. Keep your peace of mind and if you can afford it buy that extra seat.

There best times to travel are around sleep schedules so early morning, nap time, or night time. No matter what time you decide to fly, if you don’t do anything else before you get on the plane make sure your child is fed, used the restroom (changed diaper), and have on comfy clothes.

Dealing with cabin pressure during takeoff or landing can be a parent’s worst nightmare. If you have an infant a pacifier, bottle, or breast feeding will help. If you have a toddler use a pacifier or sippy cup. Anything that creates that chewing, swallowing, or sucking motion.

Now wheels up and have a safe flight! Remember Chess Not Checkers! Just Be The Parent