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As I like to preach, start off the way you want to end up. There are very few parents who can master sleeping comfortable in their bed with the toddler in the middle. I don’t recommend this at all but some people will have it no other way. It is a really hard habit to break. I get many questions on how parents can reclaim their bed. And my response is, start off the way you want to end up. There are many co-sleeping beds on the market today, where you can have your child next to you but not in the bed with you. There’s even one called the nest where you can have them in the bed with you, while still giving the baby their own space.

Starting off the way you want to end up, means teaching your child to be independent and building their self-esteem. This starts with them having their own space. Most babies will stay in their co-sleeper from 0 to 4 months, at 4 months you can move them to their baby bed. This has also allowed you time to get a full grasp on their sleeping habits, not through the lens of a monitor but by having them next to you and seeing with your own eyes. This will be their place of residence until they are 3 years old.

When they have reached 3 years old, you can switch them to a kid bed, which will allow them to get in and out of their bed on their own. Be careful because this means freedom and they can start to walk to your room. Make this transition when you are ready but don’t start it before they are 3 years old. If the child comes to your room, you must be disciplined enough to walk them back to their room, and not put them in the bed with you. You can keep them in the baby bed until they are 4 or 5 years old. Make sure they are old enough to understand the rule; give them boundaries. For example; don’t leave the room or stay in bed until alarm goes off (there are alarms you can buy that change colors). Make sure your child knows the do’s and don’ts pertaining to them getting out of bed or leaving their room. Parenting is chess not checkers. You got this, and remember start off the way you want to end up.

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