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Bug Bites

Bug Bites

The best way to avoid insect bites is to avoid woody areas or standing water. Don’t keep your child inside and sheltered to avoid getting bit, bugs travel inside your home too. You can enjoy a backyard barbecue, just plan ahead by treating your yard with a natural repellant. Another way to help avoid those annoying flying creatures, dress yourself and your child in light colored clothing, and use products with 20% deet on skin and clothing. Be careful with repellant products, avoid the areas near and around the mouth, eyes, and ears.

In the event your child experiences a bite from an insect or tick, don’t panic! Remove the child from the area where the insects may be swarming. Wash the bite area with soap and water. Don’t scrub the child’s skin to death, just wash it and apply an ice pack to help with swelling. The bite will definitely be uncomfortable to the child, feel free to give your child a good antihistamine or pain reliever. You want to keep them from scratching the area to eliminate further infection. Things like this will happen, don’t feel guilty if your child gets attacked when you take them outside. Have fun and stay safe! Just be the parent!

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