Just Be The Parent | Plane, Train, or Automobile
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Plane, Train, or Automobile

Plane, Train, or Automobile

Whichever mode of transportation you plan to travel make sure you have a survival kit. Actually, anyone who is traveling with your child on any form of transportation needs a survival kit. This kit should include snacks, diapers, wipes, water, formula (if necessary), 2 pacifiers, and an extra change of clothes. The only time items in this kit should be switched is if your child outgrows an item. This kit gives you a peace of mind to know that no matter who your child is with or how their traveling you are prepared.

If you’re planning on traveling by plane be prepared to buy that extra seat. Your child needs their own space even for a 2 or 3-hour plane ride. Trust, we all know the plane is small enough as it is. It’s worth the time, investment, and peace of mind to get your child their own space.

Since we’re on the topic of plane rides let’s get ready to fly. First of all, people who are traveling with children period should be commended for even attempting to travel. As adults, we understand how frustrating traveling can be so just imagine how it is for a child who has no clue. I have a few tips on making your travel experience a little easier and I emphasize the word little. The best times to travel are around sleep schedules so early morning, nap time, or night time. Out of those three, traveling early morning or closer to bed time would be the better options. During early morning flights, you can give a special treat at the airport or even on the plane. Make sure you have a really good movie that they’ve always wanted to see. It may get you through the entire plane ride and your child is will be less agitated. Traveling at night is really good because you are closer to bed-time. Dress them in very comfy clothes, get them relaxed and snuggled in. This is one time you are going to want to splurge on making sure they have their own space. A nap time flight requires that you make sure your child has expended a lot of energy. Make sure they run, play, flip, hop, skip, and jump. You get the picture; burn them out. No matter what time you decide to fly if you do nothing else before you get on that plane make sure your child is fed, used the restroom (changed diaper), and have on comfy clothes. If you have younger kids make sure you pack a bag of toys. I’m not saying a carry-on bag full but about an extra-large zip lock bag full goodies. Pick out toys that they normally wouldn’t play with so that it keeps their interest.

Dealing with cabin pressure can be a parent’s worst nightmare. If you have an infant a pacifier, bottle, or breast feeding will help. If you have a toddler use a pacifier or sippy cup. Anything that creates that sucking motion is what you want your child to have. If your child is crying during takeoff or landing, air pressure may be the cause of it. So, get some sucking motion going on to see if that’s the issue. Don’t set yourself up for failure. You know when you take off and when you’re landing it’s about to go down.